What is AI in photography?

Many people do not realize that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only the extreme in which many people are using it to generate false renditions of people, nude renditions, and other derogatory images of people it also has positive uses and is ethical methods that have been used by photographers and videographers for decades.

Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premier Pro which are the two most popular photograph editing software and one of the most popular video editing software programs are AI-based. The difference is ethical users like ourselves use them to positively impact their work for their art or their customers.

The key is this if someone provides you a release for a photoshoot and it mentions a disclaimer about the use of AI don't panic ask questions if you must but Photoshop and Lightroom are AI-based a couple of rapidly growing tools in Photoshop are Generative Fill and Content-Aware fill both of which are AI based.